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Did I Catch a Niner In There?

Today Tyler Bree turns 9!!!!
With her being our oldest, each year on her birthday is somewhat of a shocker for me because it causes me to incredulously wonder,
"How do I have a ___ year old?!?!"

And this year is no exception.  I'm gonna take a guess and predict next year's turning two digits (10) will be a hard one for me...however, right now I'm okay with nine.  She's the ideal nine-year-old in my mind...still innocent, sweet, brave, creative....yet starting to understand more and can have those deeper conversations with me.  I actually kinda love this age she's at right now.  And maybe it's child-specific (because I've always said my favorite ages are 18mo-3 years), but 9 is pretty great for Miss Tyler Bree.

I'll forever remember that day she made me a momma.  Nine years ago we woke up early and headed to our hospital in San Antonio...I was being induced because my soon-to-be 5lb,12 oz baby had been causing me trouble.  Little did I know that this little girl would bring us such joy and happiness...and teach her momma so very much.  We love our sweet girl tremendously!!!!
Here's to a great NINER year!

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  1. You have such a beautiful daughter, all of your family posts make me so excited to become a mom someday (:

  2. I remember when she and Trace were born. Time moves too fast. :)



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