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6 Looks From Falls Past

Hey, remember that time I cut all my hair off???  #missinglonghair

I kinda feel like a broken record...I love fall...blah, blah, blah.  But seriously, y'all...I want to move somewhere that's perpetually cool, crisp, and has hot chocolate as a daily food essential.  Anyone know of a place?  Definitely not here in Texas, that's for sure.  I'm still working on Blake to look for a remote job in Europe...I'll keep dreaming.

Last night, I went back and took a gander at some of my past outfits worn around this time of year (Sept/Oct/Nov), and found that there were several themes of pattern mixing, layering, and experimenting with textures that seemed to be a go-to for the makings of my outfits.  While I'm always trying to discover new ways to wear the same clothes, I challenge you to do the same in search for ways to make your outfits interesting and different.  A lot of times when we don't necessarily have it in our budget to invest in new clothes, re-working our existing wardrobe (whether that be in the form of layering or pattern-mixing as I mentioned before) gives us both a fresh take on our closet and that little umph to feel good about getting dressed.

Plus, saving money isn't a bad perk either!

>>>Do you ever go back and remember outfits that you haven't thought of in a while?  Bring those babies on back!

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  1. I do this all the time. I go back to old outfits and I actually have certain pieces that I bring back through the seasons or years. Love all of the outfits that you chose too!

  2. I love fall too - and I love fall outfits. These are amazing examples :)



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