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Our Independence Day

This year, the 4th seemed a little like Christmas to me...
In the sense that I felt like it went by too fast and seemed bittersweet at the end of the day as we were sitting there watching fireworks thinking "it's already over?"  In my opinion, the 4th of July holiday should span an entire week...rather than just the fourth.  That way, everyone can enjoy the whole shebang in the fullest way possible...especially all the cute clothing options!

At family holidays such as this, Blake is usually having to tell me to put up the camera, but this year, I tried to not be the crazy momma with a viewfinder glued to her face, and instead, just enjoyed the day hoping that my memory would suffice.  Hence, these were about the only pictures I got from our 4th.

^^^ I got all four kids these flags at Home Depot the day prior and as we were leaving the store (two littles in the shopping cart with the other two on each side), we looked like our very own 4th of July parade right there at Home Depot, flags flying high and my two eldest belting out "You're a Grand Old Flag."  It made me smile so big! ^^^

^^^ Love these two fellas! ^^^

After our get-together at my BIL and SIL's house, we met up with our friends for fireworks in the park.  I just LOVE them!!!!  I didn't use a tripod for these, so my handshake is quite evident...although it kinda creates a cool visual.

I hope your Independence Day was filled with friends, laughter, great food, fireworks, and listening to some good ol' patriotic Lee Greenwood.  

Have a great week, Y'all!!!!

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