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Summer Is Under Way

pixie cut platinum floral kimono

Remember the post I did all about my love for kimonos and how they were a must-have for spring/summer?  Well shortly afterwards, I scored this gorg one from, and have been fielding compliments left and right every single time I wear it!  Seriously, it is my favorite piece in my closet right now!

So, in other news, summer is in full swing around here.  Today was our first official pool day and it felt gooooooood.  I'm looking forward to many more memories made this summer splashing around with my four littles...the only downer is sunscreen application.  Does anyone else loathe sunscreen?  My kids hate me torturing them, and I hate putting in on myself!  Isn't there some pill you can take....or am I just making that up?

In any case, I expect us to be a tan family come September...with some very white tushies.

>>> I put together a few cute kimono options you can shop...Enjoy! >>>

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  1. You look fabulous in your kimono!

  2. The kimono is fabulous! I need you to tell me what works together or not - you pull it off everytime.
    As for the sunscreen and torture - my new bff is spray sunscreen! The boys are always willing to spread the arms and let me spray away!

  3. I too share your obsession with kimonos! I own 4 so far and love everyone of them. I love the color of the one in this picture. very pretty!
    I agree with comment above on the spray sunscreen. I bought it last year and it was the best thing ever.

  4. you look amazing! love that kimono.

  5. Love the kimono. Great outfit. xo ~ The Fashionista Momma



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