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Spring/Summer Must Have: Kimonos

Confession:  I'm totally in love with kimonos right style statements without try too hard.  Kimonos are most definitely a must-have for Spring/Summer 2014!

Ever since I saw that amazing one Nikki wore on the Bachelor (it's sold out by the way), I've been on the hunt for a just-as-cute (and bright) kimono.  I love that they are lightweight, sometimes even sheer...but give depth and interest to an outfit.  And besides, anything flowy usually gets an A+ in my book these days!

Here's a few of my favorites (^^^ above ^^^) I've found in stores right now...just click through to see all of them.  Happy Weekend!!!!

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  1. Kimono #4 is amazing! I need that asap


  2. LOVE kimonos! they make any outfit instantly cute in my opinion. lol.

  3. I really like #2. Super cute!

  4. I saw one on this weekend that I loved! I feel like you can just be wearing jeans and a tee and add this and look like you tried much harder than you did. :)



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