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Keepin' It Real With Our First Home Tour {vlog}

Y'all know I like to keep it real, right?

Meaning...showing my chaotic, messy new house and myself with no makeup is something that I would do, right?

Actually, that's exactly what I'm doing today.
I need your help.
Decorating a new home is tough cookies, especially when that doesn't come naturally to some.  {pointing at myself}

So, please be kind.  I know most people can't help but go ahead and judge.  And then comment with your helpful suggestions, ideas, etc...
And then forget you ever saw this.
Until, of course, the time that you see the "after" and you'll are like "WHOA."

So tell me your thoughts on how to make this house what my Pinterest board tells me it can be!
Help a momma out!

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  1. I LOVE the house! So pretty! I definitely think painting that inset wall in the living room is a good idea!

  2. That tall wall in your living room could honestly stay bare. I think it's ok to have bare walls sometimes when you have a house as big as yours. In the office, you could do a big calendar or sort of corkboard/chalkboard on the big wall. In one of the hallways near the living room/backs up to the kitchen, you could do a cute string of square photos on. I do love gallery walls, because I love pictures of my family, but how many gallery walls is too many? Who knows! I also love a gallery wall of empty frames or vintage mirrors.



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