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Beach Pictures

My mom and I took all the kids down to Port Aransas this past weekend for a quick beach trip.  It was interesting, to say the least, traveling with 4 kids (meaning all the crap little people require) without a husband to help pack, carry heavy stuff, and simply share the load.  But I'm so glad we went and had that time, albeit brief, to make memories and to get away.

I attempted to get some family pictures on the beach of just the kids, and I think I got a few good ones of all four, but gosh...I've never seen seaweed so bad on a beach, which limited which way I could shoot.  HUGE mounds of piled up seaweed, plus three feet of it just to get to the water...creates a rather ugly eye sore in photos.  So the sand dunes it was!

I'll share my favorite one with you tomorrow.
I hope you had a fab weekend!
Happy Monday and high five for the last week of school!!!!

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