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I'll Tell You What's Going On

1.  Tomorrow I'll be attending the grand opening of the new Sees Candy here in Austin!  I am SUPER pumped about this and about my "plus one" date, who's a Sees fanatic.  I'm thrilled to take her along to experience the new store first hand!

2.  Tyler Bree's first dance competition of the year is this weekend and there's a couple of things that are causing me anxiety.  One, I CANNOT find her tap costume pants.  Anywhere.  I've searched and prayed and searched some more, but no one has any clue to where they might be.  This might not seem like a big deal to you, but I assure you it's huge.  Pray for me to find these, please.
Second, to allow the older girls to attend prom that night, they scheduled them early in the day and saved the late times for the teeny-weensy eight year olds.  Tyler Bree's last dance is at 10:30pm!  She's going to be exhausted...and that's even with taking a nap!  Dance is going to be the death of me, I just know it.  I'm the worst dance mom ever....but an entire blog post needs to be devoted to that sad fact. 

3.  Last night I let the kids eat dinner outside...for some reason this was magical to them even though it was simply on the front porch.  Riley took charge pouring drinks, assigning "seating arrangements", and acting as maitre'd.  She's a born bossypants leader.  Who knew a little change in scenery could be so much fun!

4.  Riley's birthday is this weekend, so today I'll be getting together Kristoff's ice, Sven's antlers, and Olaf bodies for 8 little girls.  It's going to be a Frozen good time!  Can't wait to share pictures!

5.  Next week, I'm offering 4 mini-session spots in this perfect little field of bluebonnets!  If you're local and would like to schedule, I still have two slots open!  I just love wildflowers in the Spring, don't you?  The bluebonnets are out in full force this year here in Texas!

Tell me, what's going on with you???

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  1. I'm so excited the bluebonnets are finally blooming! :) Not too many of them around here in Houston but, that's why I love visiting Austin! :)

    Sweet Southern Sparkle

  2. Wow 10:30 at night is insane! Poor girl, that is going to be intense!



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