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The Best Kinds of Friendships

We live in a pretty unique area of Texas.  Growing up, this was a tiny town...everyone knew everyone and the Good Ol' Boy system reigned.  Soon after we left for college, our area exploded in growth and has not stopped since.  The Austin area now has 150 people move here a day.  A DAY!!!!  Can you believe that???  And most of those "relocators" move into the now suburbs that once were not even a dot on the map...which are becoming a bare remnant of the town I knew growing up.  What makes our area unique, however, is that even though it's one of the fastest growing in the country, many of my generation have come back here to raise our families....which leads me to the title of this post.

Since we've moved back here after Blake finished law school (about 8 years ago), time and time again, I have run into people I knew but wasn't well acquainted with before...and have ended up making connections with them I never knew existed.  Some of my now closest friends, were people who I knew all along, but now seem to be my soul sisters.  How incredible is that amongst this vastly populated and growing area, that I would reconnect with wonderful women who I've known all this time!  I consider these the best kinds of "new" friendships because they're effortless...they know your history, they know who you are and what you're about...and the newness of discovering that deep connection of friendship is what's so wonderful.  Making a close bond happens so much quicker and fuller.

I contrast this to other friends of mine who have only known adult Kristen.  These can be close and meaningful friendships as well.  I always find it humorous, however, that I'll say or do something that I consider completely within my nature, but it will surprise the other person to the point of having to adjust their original perception of me.  Letting others know your true self is tricky, isn't it?  I always seem to walk the line of how quickly to let the layers peel.  These kinds of friendships take a bit longer to develop and might take a different path, but are equally rewarding.  These kind of friendship give opportunities for growth and improving oneself, in my opinion.

Anyway, just wanted to share some thoughts on friendships today...
It's always a good time to reach out to a friend you haven't spoken to in a while.  To send a text just to let them know you're thinking of them.  Friends are a sweet, sweet part of life here on Earth and I firmly believe we are to bear each other's burdens and to love our friends as family.

And P.S....if you're at all thinking of moving to the Austin area...Before you do, first check out Dallas and Houston...I hear they're great!

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