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Thoughts While Moving

The night before we were to be completely out of our old house, I spent several hours there getting all of the last little bit...which looked rather harmless, but turned out to be an entire trailer and truck's worth of stuff, so as it turned out, I had my work cut out for me.
Needless to say, I had a lot of time to think...

Thoughts I had at 1:30am while moving:

-I've thrown away/donated nearly an actual ton's weight of stuff....HOW do we still have so much junk???

-If I see one more random hanger, sock, penny, lego, or bobby pin...I'm gonna scream.  All of these went in the trash if I came across one.  So now we have a lot of single socks.  Desperate times...

-Professional movers must have both incredibly ripped muscles and a strong desire to quit their job.

-I'm going to do better in our new house about cleaning, organizing, etc.  Especially the laundry room...yuck.  Yeah, we'll see about that.

-I have such wonderful friends and family who have shown tremendous love and support during this fiasco...especially through food.

-Am I going to miss this house?  No, I don't think so.

-Singing to myself "Every light in house is on..."

-If I see one more random outlet plug, nail, crayon, rubber band...I'm gonna lose it...and throw them all away.

-Shoot, we're out of trash bags!  Walmart run in the middle of the night?

-Can I carry that humongous box down the stairs by myself?  Welp, let's see.

-There should be anti-moving laws.  Anyone who has to move gets the priviledge of torching their stuff and getting reimbursed once they move into their new place.  That would solve all sorts of serious global issues.

-I envy the caloric burn had by professional movers.  I'm hungry.  Candy.


We still have about three months until our house is ready, so we'll be staying with my generous in-laws until then.  It feels so good to be finished with the moving process, and I'm thankful we have a little breather before the move-in.  The trauma of moving won't be as fresh...and we might even be able to enjoy it!

To any of you who have to move in the near future...I'm here for you.  Let's form a support group.  Let's commiserate.  Let's stage a coup.

Or just hire movers next time.
The thought (next time) makes me shudder.

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  1. I am dreading moving in the fall. We've been in our house 8 years. Brent jokes that when I finally have to go through the 5 (yes FIVE) junk drawers in the kitchen he is going to laugh at me. I foresee a lot of throwing stuff away in my future.

  2. Been there. Though I usually horde the pennies I find! I hope unpacking goes better for you!



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