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Holiday Wear (Part 2)

Today I'm featuring another CAbi holiday outfit that's not only versatile, but super luxe with its leather accents and draping.
(See part 1 HERE.)

I'm pretty much obsessed with these leggings and plan to wear them to my Christmas bunco party this weekend...and probably our big family Christmas get together (read: elastic waist/comfort).  I think holiday attire should be just as much about comfort as it is about style.  For me, if I'm uncomfortable, I don't feel like I look my best, which then throws everything off....don't you agree?

It's a happy balance to strike, but I think shoes are a totally different story.  If they look good...well, let's just say my feet can pretty much be bleeding before I'll cry "uncle".

What I'm Wearing:
-Owens Jacket
-Ricky Legging
-Wide Stripe Tee

Do you know what you'll be wearing this holiday season?

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  1. such an amazing look!

  2. Ohhhhhhh those leggings are AWESOME!!!


  3. Love the boots! And that necklace adds the prettiest pop of color!

    xx Krista



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