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Our church's Trunk-Or-Treat was last Friday, which almost didn't happen for our family.  As I was getting the girls in their costumes and doing my own make-up (Blake wasn't home from work yet), there were plenty of opportunities that presented themself for me to just say "forget it...we're not going."  But alas, how could we miss Trunk-Or-Treat?  It's a bonafide tradition around these parts.

So two hunters, a deer, two blue fairies, and a Doc McStuffins rolled up 30 minutes late (and if you know my family, this is basically a sacrilege...our motto is "if you're on time, you're already late")....

But of course, it all ended up being just fine.  Especially for Bennett, who, with every growing year, "gets it" exponentially more.  I got such a kick out of him dragging his over sized bag around the parking lot and yelling "Trick-Or-Treat!!!!" to anyone who would listen.  He was so proud of himself.

For Halloween, we'll let the kids Trick-Or-Treat, but we're generally not real good about handing out candy at home, as we tend to call it a night and turn off the lights...but hey, maybe this year we'll turn over a new candy wrapper "leaf".

Oh and by the way, if you're looking for a last minute costume, the deer and hunter is a no-fail, easy as pie, crowd pleaser.  You can find the make-up tutorial I used HERE.  Let me know if you use it...better yet, send pictures!!!

What are your Halloween plans???

p.s. See our Forrest Gump costume HERE....another fairly easy, last minute one...especially good for couples, but the kids version is just precious.

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