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16 Must-Haves You Should Be Buying at Anthro Right Now

The other night when my mom and I had our little date, we mozied into Anthropologie, where I promptly keeled over and went to Anthro heaven.

I mean, sure, that store is always great and wonderful and makes me want to live there forever with my family of 6...

But this time was even more ridiculous.  If that's even possible.
It most likely has to do with my affinity for fall clothes combined with the uniqueness of all of the pieces they have right now...

But good gracious...I didn't stand a chance.  Thankfully, my mom bought several things (I'm on a shopping freeze), so I'm chomping at the bit for her to wear them first, so I can get a hold of those babies!

Alright, deep breath....I got all excited putting together this post, so bear with me.
Here's a little snippet of my favorites at Anthro right now.
(I actually took phone pics of everything I loved like a creeper, but I figured you'd maybe want the details.)

Happy Shopping!!!!

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  1. Ahhh anthro heaven. The best place on earth. ;) Hardest thing ever is being on a shopping freeze and going in to that store. You are a brave soul!! p.s. love everything.


  2. Love the polka dot tee and paisley cardigan! Super cute!


  3. I should definitely be buying... but my bank accounts not letting me :/

    Love these!



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