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Life Journaling: Perspective

Gosh, last night was a doozie.

Major storms came through our area, resulting in the big girls snuggled in bed with us, school delays, and a husband working from home because of flooded roads.

After numerous weather alerts coming through my phone, as well as the girls waking up scared out of their minds, I was quite wide awake.  In the wee hours this morning, listening to the claps of thunder and hanging on for dear life to the side of my bed (Riley's a kicker)...I contemplated our little life at the present.

Before we know it, we won't hear running feet down the hall when a frightening thunder boom wakes them....and won't be able to calm their fears by simply saying, "Here, get in bed with Mommy and Daddy."  And even though I feel like raising four kids this young and this close in age is my biggest challenge in life so far, I have a feeling I'll look back on this time and think,
"Wow, those were the days."
They truly are.
I've just got to remind myself to take the time to see it, appreciate it, and love it.

Perspective is a common theme in my thoughts lately.  To keep a good attitude and have faith that things will work out is a perspective I have to make a conscious effort to keep.  I sometimes feel like I miss out on sweet moments like last night because I'm simply just trying to keep things going in the machine that is our family.

I know plenty of other mommas probably feel the same way, so if you're struggling with keeping perspective on raising young children, take heart.  Let them crawl in bed with you and take up all your space...smell their hair (even though it might smell sweaty)...snuggle them close, even though you're losing precious sleep.

And do you know what happened this morning?
I told Riley and Tyler Bree that I enjoyed getting to sleep with them last night and the most joyful expression came over both of their faces as they said in unison, "Me too, Momma!"

Heart warmed.

Happy Halloween everyone!

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