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Life Journaling: Bucket Fillers

The other night for FHE, after having several days of ugly speaking to one another and just flat out rudeness, we decided to talk about how we should treat our loved ones.  Would we talk in a mean tone of voice to our teacher at school or a friend?  Then why would we speak like that to our dear family members...the ones who know and love us the most?

The activity we did was "bucket fillers."  This is actually something Tyler Bree and Riley have practiced at school and it's a great exercise to be mindful of lifting other up.  One "fills" another's bucket by saying something nice about them...a compliment, bragging on something they did, or just what they love most about the other.  We took turns going around the table and filling each other's buckets...

Mine went something like this:

Blakely is the firecracker of the family...and I say that in the best possible way.  She's almost always enthusiastic, she's bold, unafraid, and has her own mind.  I love having her home with me to make me laugh and to be a playmate to Bennett.  She amazes me with how quickly she learns (which makes me think I need to up my game in terms of working with her here at home), and she is always the first to tell her family that she loves them...and with all the gusto she can muster..."I love you SO much!"

This little guy and his daddy.  We always said that we were done with four no matter if we had another girl, but I sure am glad I got my son (if you've been a reader for a while, you probably just uttered a big "Duh" outload).  He's such a joy to raise...happy at all times and is beginning to talk more, which is so much fun!  He adores being around his sisters and loves to "help" them whenever he can.  Giving hugs and kisses is his top talent right now.  :)  Keep 'em coming Bennett!

Oh, and his daddy is really awesome, too...I'll save that for another post.

These two girls are where both my mothering struggles and my biggest satisfaction as a mother lie right now in this season of life.  They're at ages where we can now get a good sense of how we're doing as parents by assessing their actions, thoughts, etc.  And specifically, I have to watch myself even more because I know they're watching me for an example to follow.  This age brings the beginning of the friends/parents struggle.  Tyler Bree and Riley are stark opposites, but surprisingly get along most of the time.  Riley is such a helper and my go-to when I need a helper.  She's kind, thoughtful, yet wily as a fox.  Tyler Bree has the sweetest heart of any of my children.  She feels things so deeply and is my favorite person to have a good conversation with.  She'll talk about anything, anytime, until you stop her.  I hope this trait continues into her teens!

Well, I know this post is getting lengthly, but I said I'd post pics of Bennett's new haircut, so here we can see his "before" pic here...and the video we captured.

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  1. I think your sweet family is so precious!! I can see why Izzy loves Tyler Bree!!

  2. Love this. I used to be a preschool teacher and we did the "bucket fillers" in my classroom as well! There is a book that goes along with it and its a fantastic idea! Love to see its used other places as well!

  3. Loved reading through the post. Such adorable children. And its so precious to have a child who can feel, think and talk with us, without any prejudices and without any judgements.. lovely moments of life.

  4. You're family is so freaking precious!



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