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Life Journaling...Today

I came across some "Life Journaling" prompts the other day on Pinterest and thought I'd intersperse some of them here on the blog.  There are 13 of them, but I think I just might pick and choose.

The first one is "Today I am...."

So here we go.  Feel free to follow suit...and let me know if you do...I'd love to read other "life journaling" posts!

Today, I am...

>>>Thrilled to have cooler weather finally grace Texas with its presence.  Sleeping with our windows open is truly one of life's little pleasures.

>>>Feeling a little overwhelmed.  Over the last week, I've added quite a bit to my plate.  I'll share some of these projects with you soon enough, but I sure am excited about them, albeit wondering where I'm going to find the time!

>>>Am contemplating taking our Weim on my morning run again tomorrow.  I did yesterday and I'm sore in places that running has never caused previously.  It was tougher, but I know I need to work with her more, as she does not see me as the "pack leader"...that would be Blake.

>>>Smugly satisfied with how Bennett's little haircut went.  A few days ago, I attempted to give him a trim (which I do about every month or so), but I must have got carried away because I inadvertently gave him a chili bowl.  Not okay.  So last night, we took it further.  I'll post pictures and a video tomorrow.  :)  ↓Pre-haircut↓

>>>Needing to clean house.  But since I can stand a dirty house, I might put this off until tomorrow...Or the next day...Or maybe never.  I wish I was more type A about the cleanliness of our dwelling, but I just don't have that strength/desire.  I see it as opportunity that I have time to get other stuff done.  See how I spun my filthiness into a positive?  Spoken like a true Type B.

What are you feeling/doing/thinking today???

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  1. Can we talk about that baby's eyelashes for a minute? Seriously, so gorgeous!

  2. Love this post. I totally followed along.

  3. I also pinned this writting prompt pin:) I've already created a couple queued posts using some of the promts!



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