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Pleated Maxi Skirts

I've had several readers remark and ask about my green pleated skirt (worn HERE, HERE, & HERE), that I first spied on Natalie's "What You Should Be Buying at Forever 21 Right Now" series.  After that, it was history.  I tracked down that skirt like a lost child.  (Which was no small feat, I tell ya'.)

I'd love a similar skirt (or two) in another color to add to my closet and I think just maybe you might too....

So I thought I'd get together some great options in the pleated skirt category, as there are tons of lovely ones in stores and online right now!  These fuller, pleated skirts look best paired with a fitted top channeling a little boho, laid back, or quirky vibe.  Think easy breezy with sandals or easy breezy with chunky heels for the's a win-win!

All but two of these are under $ affordable!
Which is your favorite???
Mine is the mint!

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  1. Hello my dera!
    I love those skirts!
    so beautiful !and the colors are wonderful!

  2. Oh, they're so pretty! I'd have to say my favourite is the pale pink ruche skirt. Very ballerina-esque. And affordable, yay!


  3. Oh have gone and done it!!! Which one will I get now?!?!



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