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Weekend At The Lake and 9 Other Things That Make Me Happy

As mentioned yesterday and on Instagram (@kjansen), we went to my Aunt's lake house this past weekend.  We stayed overnight to make the most of our time there, as it's about a 2 hour drive one way.

We always have such a wonderful time there spent with my side of the family.  Lake LBJ is my favorite central Texas lake because of it's beauty and constant level.  My favorite, and I think I can speak for my kids also, are long boat rides.  This year was the first time the little guy actively "boated", as previously he just fell asleep.  He was smiling the entire time and sticking his tongue out like a dog.  We had perfect weather, and in fact got our first little sunburn of the year.  (Whoops, I forgot to put sunscreen on my kids!)
I feel like this picture makes all the kids look really close in age.  Well....they ARE.  But, you quadruplet close.  Okay, maybe just the middle two look like they could be twins.  Anyone with me here?
My Aunt's husband makes the BEST homemade burgers.  He has a secret ingredient when grilling the buns that makes it just divine.  No burgers ever measure up to his in my book.

It was a happy time and thankfully everyone behaved themselves.
And no one went overboard.  :)


I've missed a few days (purposely) but this one is an easy and fun one:

Day 14 of Jenni's Challenge: Ten Things That Make Me Really Happy

1.  Warming up in the sunshine after being in a cold building
2.  My children's laughter
3.  Diet Dr. Peppers with lime
4.  The smell of babies
5.  Clean sheets
6.  Reminiscing over old pictures
7.  Driving in the car by myself blaring my music
8.  Learning something new
9.  Being at the beach or lake
10.  Spending time with family

Do you share any of my Ten Happies???

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  1. Aw this is such a sweet post! You guys look like you had a blast this weekend. And I LOVE reminiscing over old photos and driving while blasting fun :)

    The Other Side of Gray

    1. Thanks Annie! We did have a good time. Old photos are the best....I think that's why throwback Thursdays make me so happy! :) Ha!

  2. Very nice post!
    so pretty children!

  3. I put clean sheets on my list today as well!!

    The picture of you and little man is adorable!! Oh my goodness!! And I totally agree...your kids look like fun!!

    1. Makes me want to wash my sheets just thinking about it!....Nah, it can wait. :)

  4. Your photography is beautifu. I love the lake as well. Must be a Texas gal thing.

  5. The pictures of the kiddos in the life jackets.... that's one that you'll look back on in many years and melt your heart! And I thought I recognized LBJ!! My parents have a house in Kingsland on Lake LBJ and it is just pure eden, love going out there and can't wait for our babies to grow up going !

  6. Omgosh, I LOVE baby smells!! I'm so with ya and I love your list! :)
    I'm your newest follower and brand new blogger! I found you on friend connect blog hop! Mine is

  7. You and your kids are so adorable! I just wanted to let you know that I FINALLY added your button to my blog from the 12 month of ads giveaway. I think I was may and june so I'll leave it up through July since I;m such a slacker:)
    Hope your having a great week Kristin!!! Thanks




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