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Let me just begin by saying if you don't yet have an Instagram account....what are you waiting for?  Get on it!

Instagram is my favorite social media both on which to follow and to post.  In fact, every week I look forward to #tbt (For you non-Instagramers, Throw Back Thursday is where you post old pictures).  Now that it's finally Thursday, I have yet to come up with a good one this week.  I'm trying to find an old pic that depicts my husband's law school nickname of "Shaggy" (seriously, people didn't even know his real name!)  Also, I really want to print some of my Instagrams out....has anyone done this before?  If so, please let details in the comments if you don't mind.  :)

So today, I brought #tbt to the #blog for some old school #pictures.  (#toomuchhashtag?)

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Clockwise from top left:
-4th of July...that's my second daughter that just turned 6.  Oh, and I had long, two-toned hair.

-My husband had just had his wisdom teeth out hence the swollen face, but we couldn't miss that particular wedding so we went, him, and his cheeks.

-Our first family photo...not to be a downer, but every time I see this picture I think about how I had miscarried the day before and my D&C was the following day after this photo shoot.  This picture sits on our mantle, so I'm often reminded of our lost baby that we'll maybe someday get to meet.

-A coach and his, pregnant linebacker to be exact.  I won an award for this get-up!

Oh!!!  I almost forgot to tell you some big news!  Tomorrow for the BEST OF Style link up, Ashley from Dancing With Ashley will be my co-host!!!!  I'm super excited to have her and can't wait to see this week's style posts!!!  It will go live at midnight CST!  You can see a couple of my favorite BEST OF's here and here.

Happy Throwback Thursday!

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