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Looking Down, But The Weather is Looking Up

I just realized I'm looking down in every single on of these pics...just so happened that every other one with me looking up was most unfavorable.  Who knew double chins and jowls were more flattering?

How was your weekend?  The weather here was absolutely beautiful!  For as much as I complain about Texas weather, we're actually having a decent Spring.  Cool fronts are still making their presence known around these parts and I'm not griping one single bit.  I love it!!!

This past weekend was pretty eventful for least Saturday was.  I'll post about that tomorrow, but for now I'll just say that it was one of those days I hope for every weekend.  They're few and far between....but I'll take it when I can get it.

On the blog this week:
-Giveaway with lots of gift card goodies
-Taking looks from day to night
-Family day trip (see above)
-The BEST OF will be back this Friday!!!

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  1. That skirt is fabulous. I love knits like this for spring.


  2. I like your chunky belt and the scarf in your hair is a nice touch of color!

  3. Maybe you just felt like admiring your shoes? I love the look and the mixed prints.

    Dani Rose
    Sincerely, Dani Rose

  4. Did you steal that skirt from your mom again, or did you actually invest in your own? :) It's super cute.

  5. Beautiful colors and textures. You look lovely!

    blue hue wonderland



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