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Life Lately + Feedback Request

 Well, you can definitely tell who's home with me during the day.

This seriously happens to me multiple times a day.  I tip-toe around to make sure the little guy hasn't broken through the gate and tumbled to his death down the stairs, only to find the two of them playing perfectly with Calico Critters.  And then, it never dang ankles crack, causing their head to whip around and immediately demand snack, to be held, go outside, or all of the above....thus ending any productivity with laundry or cleaning I thought I might achieve.
I should know better by now.


Can I ask y'all a sweet favor?
(My mom always asks for a favor that way.  Like I'm more willing to do it if she says it's "sweet".)

In an effort to better my blog and improve any and all areas possible, I've created a survey to get some feedback from my readers.  It would mean a huge deal to me if you could take a minute of your time to complete this anonymous survey.  I'm trying to rock this thing called blogging, y'all.
Trying being the operative word.

Thank you so much in advance!!!

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