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That Time I Wore a Tie to Church

shirt (similar): Express, cardi (similar): Nordstroms Rack, skirt and heels (similar): Target, tie: husband's, rope bracelet: Lemon & Line

I hadn't tried the tie look before last Sunday....the Sunday before Christmas (hence the red and green).  But I thought, why not?

Turns out it garnered quite a few comments at church, mostly from men....and odd looks from some women.  :)  That's perfectly okay, though, as I liked it and that's the only opinion I really care about.  Well okay, I care what my husband thinks of me, too....but he approved of the outfit....So.

This New Year's Day we're eating some black-eyed peas, watching football, and having a family goal-setting meeting for the year.  Do you do this as well?  I wrote a blog post years back about how important I feel it is to write down goals to make them a reality.  Here's a snippet from it:

I do, however, make goals each year for myself and my family. I believe there is a difference between resolutions and goals, with the latter usually be more concrete and specific. Example: "I want to lose 10 pounds by March."

When we set our goals, we write them down...not only as a reference, but also as something to hold us accountable. I think it's healthy to set personal, family, and spiritual goals. Then to evaluate your progress at certain points throughout the year. How else will you keep track of how you're doing? I think the lack of tracking steps towards one's goals is the main cause of failure to follow through and achieving the end goal.

I've come to realize that motivation to make oneself better is a key trait to possess in order to have a fulfilling life. Without that motivation, life becomes stagnant (insert picture of sitting water with flies and mosquitoes flying around).....And who wants that?

So here's to a wonderful, fulfilling, and non-stagnant year of 2013!

I'd love to hear some of your goals...if you've made some, please share in the comments below!
The Mrs. & The Momma

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  1. FYI I was diggin the tie. I always think you dress so cute. You have a talent I think many of us wish we had. Happy New Year to you!



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