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How to Get a Momma to Swing You

My little mister requested a guest post today...and since this is new territory, I thought...why not?
(Please excuse the grammar and punctuation errors of a 19 month old.)

Momma, come swing with me!  Swing over there!!!

Pleeeeeaaaaaaaase!!!!  I know you want to!

Stop neglecting your only son and quit talking to those other grown ups.  Please.
Right now....Mmkay?

She's not coming.  Maybe if I eat one of these rocks and pretend to choke, she'll come rushing over to save me....and then swing me because she's so happy I'm alive.  No, that's too non-choking skills are not yet complete.

I know what'll get her over here.

I'll roll around and get my outfit all dirty.....ha!  She'll never let me get away with this for long.  Everyone knows she's nutty about this kind of stuff.  Look Momma...I'm bathing in dirty rocks!  Come and stop me!

I guess she didn't see me.  I don't get it.
I'm just a boy...standing sitting in front of a momma...asking her to swing me.

Say whaaaat???  She's walking over here?

Oh happy day!  I knew she'd come to her senses.  It must have been my Jedi mind tricks.

Me and my mommma....sittin' in a swing....I've waited my whole life the past seven minutes for this moment!

Whoa Momma, I think we're done here.  There's no need to almost drop me.

That woman needs some major swinging lessons...

And I need a snack.  Anyone got a goldfish or rice cake?

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