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Where I Tell Off Fall

dress: Francesca's, cardigan: Marshalls, belt: Gap, tights and shoes: Target, bracelets: F21, MK,  Lenny & Eva, necklace: Simply Just Lovely

I may be jumping the gun a bit on thinking Texas fall is here....I mean, she (obviously a season so temperamental and late would be a "she") has one foot in the door just teasing us here in the south.

Well, I'll show her.

You better believe at the slightest hint of gusty winds and open-window weather, I whip out my tights...

and wait for it.....

I actually wore a scarf today!

Take that Ms. Fall.  See if I care that you're dangling the carrot of cool weather in front of my face.  I'm still going to dress as if you're all the way through the door.


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