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I Got FIVE On It

1.  My 2 year old is a riot.  A pistol.  A character.  She kills me daily with her facial expressions and her attempts at speaking.  She's in speech therapy, so the following remarks from her are all the more me, at least.

a.)  Today, when her room darkened suddenly, I heard her exclaim "Me freaking out!"  I had to ask her to repeat herself because I had never heard anything of the like come out of her mouth.  So my child (who has speech issues) repeated for me, clear as a bell, "Me freaking out, Momma!"  I die.

b.)  Her recent form of expression (an umbrella phrase used for anything from being surprised to accidentally dropping a toy) has been "Oh My Gosh" said with a heavy lisp..."Oh my goth."  But today, she took it up a few notches.  While in the car, I said "look at that pumpkin patch, honey!"

Her response:  "Oh My Gosh Shucks Brother!"  I can't quite convey through writing just how funny this sounds, so I guess I'll have to leave it at that.  That girl is something else.

2. I'm a firm believer that everyone needs a good timeless striped tee like this one.  It's the problem solver to any wardrobe issues that may arise.  What to wear?  A classic striped tee.  Boom.

3.  Ricky Skaggs had some serious hits.  My husband and I like to play a game where we play the teaser of a song from iTunes and then have to name the artist or song.  While playing this little game the other night, I came across some great songs I'd forgotten about.  Who remembers Joe Diffie? Sawyer Brown?  Ricky Skaggs?  Oldies but goodies.

4.  It seems like every time I'm about to leave town (and leave my kids behind), the week leading up to that trip does a number on me.  It's only Wednesday and I'm so ready to leave.  We're in desperate need of some extended alone time.

5.  At the same time, I'm not ready at all to leave my children.  Can both of those be true at the same time?  All the "what ifs" flood into my worrisome head.  It doesn't help either that I'm still nursing and not ready to stop...but five days away just might force me to do so.  Waaaaah!!!!!!

p.s.  Feel free to link up in the comments any "high 5" lists you got going on!

The Mrs. & The Momma

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