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I seriously need to print out my Instagrams....they're some of our family's most telling pictures, especially of my munchkies.  (Anyone have a recommendation for a good way to do that?)

I feel like true moments of our lives have been captured thanks to phone pics....seriously, how did we live without smart phones?  It will forever remain a mystery to me.

Life moments captured lately include...

Husband not getting home until late, so you do what you gotta do to get an outfit pic.  This momma can't wait forever to change into comfies!

 This little pistol of a girl chattin' it up with her grandmother on a completely non-toy, non-fake, totally real phone.  (I'm not sure which grandmother...maybe both at the same time? is probably on hold, naturally.)

The joy a white picket fence gave this guy.  Thanks to a willing aunt holding him up as he played games with the other side of the fence, which included but weren't limited to:  'Peek-a-Boo', 'King of the World', and 'How Long Can my Aunt's Muscles Last'.

Sushi date night attire.  File this under pics that didn't quality for an outfit post.

 Donning a "Kelly Wrap" in an attempt to make my 'do last in the pouring rain.  Umbrella, who?

The Mrs. & The Momma

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