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You know those items in your wardrobe that are just good ol' standbys?  Those in which you feel comfortable, chic, and that tend to go with just about everything....the ones you can throw on last minute and feel like your outfit is complete?  For the record, "standbys" shouldn't be confused with "wardrobe staples"....but aren't mutally exclusive.  Have I lost you?

Well, I definitely have several standbys that get plenty of use (probably overuse) when getting dressed.  As you can deduce, these shoes I'm wearing above and that necklace (her name is Livy if you've forgotten) have been on constant rotation as of late.  I just love these two pieces and plan to wear them the heck I do with most of my shoes, at least.

So what are your favorite standbys?  Do you lean towards the same jewelry?  Do a certain pair of heels consistently complete your look?  Is there a shirt that you wear on repeat for its flattering shape?  (Just being curious and nosey.)

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