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Join Me In This Exercise, Won't You?

About this time every year, I do a manual switch in my brain.  I turn off the radar that looks for and is attracted to light, bright summery clothes....and turn on the radar for fall fashion.  I know this is virtually futile being as we still have a good two months of severe summer heat ahead of us me, however, it's for my own good.  I do not need to buy any more summer clothes.  Done.  Over with.

Unless it's an end-of-season swimsuit sale...then I might go for it.  But everything else is for sure off my radar.  I think.

I don't really need to buy any fall clothing either, however, it is August....and do you know what August brings?

Me petitioning my husband to move up north.

But more importantly, do you know what else August brings?

All the September fashion issues on the newsstands.  Just plain torture.  Seeing those wonderful cool-weather clothes both excites and depresses me.

So I like to go through a little exercise (my previous one can be read here), where I both plan out my existing fall attire from my closet and plan for items I need to add to my wardrobe for the upcoming (albeit in the far distant) future.

Nordstrom's anniversary sale is a genius strategy (on their part) and tool that can be used when doing this exercise.  They put next season's stuff on sale!!!!  Not last season's stuff of which they have a surplus and just need to get rid of, but clothing I actually might want NEED!!!!!

So, in order to get my weakness for fall clothing out of my system for the time being (as well as to gather a wish list for which to save money), I compiled some fall needs wants of mine I've eyed lately.

(All of the below items are HUGELY discounted at Nordstrom until Monday!)
1.  Jacket-Halogen
2.  Bracelets-Cara
3.  Boots-Vince Camuto
4.  Dress-Michael Kors
5.  Booties-Seychelles
6.  Sweater-Marc Jacobs

So lessons learned today:
1.  When you're feeling like you just can't bear the summer heat any longer, put the above exercise into practice.
2.  If you fall in love with fall fashion each year, put the above exercise into practice.
3.  I don't really have a third.  Just see #1 and #2.

***This is NOT a sponsored post...there are just some serious steals at Nordstrom right now that I thought I'd share with y'all.***

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