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It's farrowing season at the pig barn.  Which means lots of huge momma pigs are having lots of baby piglets.  My little guy isn't too fond of the pigs, but he put on a brave face this time.  Maybe it had something to do with the piglet being a fraction of his size.

I think I've mentioned before about the cuteness of piglets.  They really are adorable little creatures with their uncoordinated walk and high-pitched squeals.

In case you're wondering, the mommas give birth in farrowing crates (as opposed to out in the dirt) for various reasons.  One is to protect the piglets from the elements and from their mommas.  Also, many times the sows have trouble pushing their babies out and need assistance.

This particular day, we went to the barn as a family to check on the piglets and to see if any sows were in labor.  It's risky to let a momma have her pigs alone, as often piglets end up having to be pulled out (which I've had the intimate experience of doing).

As a momma of four and having been fully pregnant in the heat of the summer, I really feel for these sows.  I could see it in their eyes.  They yearn not to be pregnant any longer.  They're D-O-N-E.

I feel your pain, Momma.  I've been there.

Okay, maybe I haven't given birth in a crate to 10 babies and then nursed them all at the same time.

But you know...

Minor details.

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The Mrs. & The Momma

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