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So I didn't really mention anything regarding my birthday here on the blog because, well....we kinda had other things going on last Saturday.

However, I did get an egg-in-the-hole as requested for my birthday breakfast.
That's right....I do it up big time.

I think my mother had the hardest time with me turning 31.  She now feels old.  When I was 30, she was still the mother of a woman who was only a year removed from her twenties.  Young by all standards, right?
But no longer.  My 31 just pushed her over the hill.  I'm sorry for aging, Mommy....I'll try to stop.

Here's a few shots of the going-ons of my birthday (my SIL's wedding, too):
Egg in the hole for breakfast (made by the mister) & getting make up done (LOVED it btw.  She did it.)

me and my 5 year old & my two oldest with their favorite bridesmaid (aside from their momma, of course)

my 3 girls waiting patiently for the ceremony & helping the bride get dressed

me and some handsome groomsman at the reception & me and my girls in the bride's room

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I'm coming up on my one-year anniverary of The Mrs. & The Momma...any suggestions on how to celebrate here can be submitted to management.  :)

The Mrs. & The Momma

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