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Getting Dressed and {Not} Cooking

I've worn a similar outfit here, but when it works...I don't want to try to make anything else work when I can't figure out what to wear to church.  I hate those mornings when I know what I'm going to wear, but then talk myself out of it....try on tons of other "won't work" outfits (which end up on the floor or bed)...and then come full circle with what I picked out in the first place.  Getting dressed is so exhausting sometimes, isn't it?

So this week, I'm really excited about something I'm doing with a few friends of mine that live in our neighborhood.  I'm not sure what we've decided to name it yet, but until we come up with a super catchy name, I'll call it a "dinner group".  Allow me to explain why I am excited about this Dinner Group...

I only have to cook one time this week!  So each day of the week, one person cooks dinner for their own family as well as each of the other families (4 families total leaving one night for pizza or date night).  Dinner has to be delivered warm and ready to eat by 5:30ish.  What is genius about this plan (besides the whole not having to cook thing) is that being only four of us, we are motivated to cook our very best meals for each other's families, because we don't want to be the one that made gross food.  We are seeing how this week goes as a "trial run", but if it works and everyone is happy with it, just think of the possibilities!  As a bonus, I think I'll save quite a bit in groceries!  Hmmm....I better get Pinteresting recipes.

So what do you think of the "dinner group" idea?  Do you think it would work for you???

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