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Arm Party 2012

Back in July, I was privileged to be part of the first ever Summer Arm Party put on by Ilene and Leonora...and today, I finally get to blog about it!

Here's how it worked...after answering questions of my favorites, I was paired up with another blogger (whom I didn't previously know).  The whole idea behind this Summer Arm Party is to meet new friends, have fun making (and swapping) bracelets, and getting (and giving) some creative arm candy.

My partner is Annie from Wattlebird.  She's got a cool, eclectic thing going on, so I was a little unsure what to make her....especially since I'm not so much the crafty type.  So what's a gal (who's in desperate need of craft inspiration) to do, but visit her old pal, Pinterest.

I found this tutorial and loved it!  I like how the hex nuts create an edgy but unique look.  This is the one I sent Annie.

I also enlisted the help of my husband, our resident friendship bracelet maker (he's going to love me divulging that gem of information), to make another classic bracelet using some of Annie's favorite colors.  I think she should name it "Fall Leaves"....that is, if she's the jewelry-naming type...which I'm fairly positive she is, right Annie?

Now for the flip side.  I was super excited when I got her package in the mail.  She sent me this sweet little envelope pouch

And look what was inside!

The black and turquoise bracelet is right up my alley and the friendship bracelet will give me some street cred with my daughters.

Thank you so much, Annie, for your thoughtful gifts!  Be sure to check out her space!

After researching all the homemade bracelet tutorials out there, I'm really inspired now to test my crafting skills.  There are some awesome ones I'm wanting to try, so don't be surprised if you see a little bragging going on up in here.

And don't be surprised either if you get a homemade bracelet for birthday, Halloween, Christmas, and/or possibly Labor Day.  Yes, I'm speaking to you, family and friends.

The Mrs. & The Momma

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