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If You Really Knew Me, v1.0

cardigan: c/o Sugarlips, jeans: Old Navy, top and sunnies: Target, shoes: Blowfish, necklace: Kendra Scott, bracelet: Compass Trading, watch: MK

So I'm hopping on the "if you really knew me" train, however, I not good at coming up with a whole lot of things in one I think I'll do a mini version and carry it throughout a few weeks.  Sound good?  Okay here we go.

If you really knew me....

-You'd know that I have two holes pierced in one ear and one in the other.  I did the second singular hole my freshman year of college for the specific purpose of being able to wear all the earrings I had lost only one of.  Genius plan, right?

-You'd know that I was on a competitive jump rope team for most of my childhood.  As a result, I have larger than average calves....And I can still do most of the tricks.

-You'd know that from running the 400m in track (which in my opinion is the most horrible race ever), I still get a nauseous feeling (even as an adult) when I smell a track.  Can you say "scarred for life"?

-You'd know that I've always wanted to be an astronaut....and seriously considered majoring in aeronautical engineering.  But then decided that even more than that, I wanted to be a momma.  Especially, a momma that was present in her children's lives.  Maybe someday I'll be able to just hop on a chartered flight to space!

I think that's about it for this round.  Check back for some more "if you really knew me" next Wednesday!

The Mrs. & The Momma

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  1. Ok, so there was 1 I didn't know...wanna guess which one?:)



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