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Park Reflections

I took my little ones (minus the oldest) to our neighborhood park the other day.  I packed a lunch and prepared to stay there for a while, but my kids had other ideas.  Not two minutes after arriving, I was bombarded by whininess:

"I'm hungry, when are we going to eat?"
"I don't want to share the water bottle!"
"It's too hot, when are we leaving?"
"Want Food Now!!!"

So I did what any mother would do when faced with the choice of packing it up and calling it a day
(a very short day at that)...

Or digging in my heels and insisting that we were going to do what we came there to do.
And have some fun, by golly.

Obviously, I chose the latter.  They did, in fact, end up having fun....only after eating, of course.

My munchkies wanted to share with you some of their thoughts at the park...
Especially my little guy, as he's very reflective on these types of experiences.

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