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Disney Cruise: Part 5-Princess Finale!

My apologies if this entire week of vacation pictures and stories has been a bore....however, this is my space and I will blog if I want to.  I just had so many special memories from the trip that were worthy of recording...hopefully especially, for my kids to see in the future.

These last ones were the morning we met all the princesses (Cinderella, Snow White, Aurora, Tiana, and Bell).  It required a little strategy, as they were at different places (read: multiple lines to stand in).  Luckily, my girls were able to meet, pose, and get autographs of each princess without too painful of a wait.

This was truly a wonderful vacation.  When we were debating on whether to fly or drive, I had a firm thought that we should make this a family road trip rather than fly.  Pretty much everyone I know asked me if I was crazy (due to the thought of traveling with the ages of my children), but I am so grateful I listened to that little prompting.  Yes, it was hard, but certainly worth it.  Not only were we able to make the road trip fun and memorable, but who knows when we will ever have another 9 full days of uninterrupted family time with all six of us.

This week's posts have shown just the highlights of the experience...there are so many things about the cruise I left out, such as the Broadway-caliber shows, showings of new Disney movies, the beautiful interior of the boat, the cheerful attitude of every single person, the fireworks, and each little moment of joy and excitement I shared with my children that will be etched in my memory.

And I couldn't have asked for a better partner (and teammate) with which to do it.  Thank you, Honey, for being such a wonderful husband and father to us.  You made it all the more better.

The End. (sigh)

The Mrs. & The Momma

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