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Who Needs the Gym When You've Got a Toddler?

I had intended to go to the gym this morning, but I'm glad I decided otherwise.  Today was just one of those days, and I'm spent.

Really, it wasn't that bad.  My two year old is just one heck of a handful these days.
We're currently in the trenches of potty training (lots of squats).  She's making progress, but due to her stubborn personality (by the way, I do not speak of the classic "2-year-old stubbornness"'s something much more sinister than that), she's a bigger challenge than her sisters were at this age.  Additionally, my poor little guy is sick and want to be held constantly (arm and back workout).  His normal smiling face looks at me with sad, droopy eyes and my heart hurts for him.  I hate seeing him like this.  I want to be able to breathe and cough for him.  (We're seeing the doc again tomorrow.)

So here's how today went:

-I put my two middle girls down for nap...the toddler kept coming out of bed and finally told me she had poop.  "Okay", I thought, "that explains why she isn't falling asleep"...meanwhile the little bubba was not happy his nursing session was interrupted by me having to change his sister.
-Later, after resuming feeding him, I heard a "clunk" upstairs.  I went to investigate, but couldn't find her anywhere.  I finally looked in the nursery to find her on top of the changing table, covered in Vaseline AND baby powder.  Do you  know what Vaseline and baby powder do when they are mixed?!?!  They create a lovely paste that's impenetrable by water.
-I was trying my best not to laugh at the absurdity of the cloud of baby powder, the messy paste, my inability to grip her slicked-up skin, and my daughter's new water-repellent hair, skin, and clothes.  She thought it was hilarious, which didn't help my efforts in concealing a smile.
-Needless to say, the poor baby was fussing the entire time I was having to deal with this.  (The guy just couldn't catch a break today.)
-A few hours and several pairs of panties later, my feet (and nerves) rejoiced when the kid finally went to bed.  And after returning her upstairs to her bed approximately 743 times (cardio), I decided I'd gotten my workout for the day.
-Then her sister had a night terror.  These are no laughing matter, but I always end up suppressing a laugh.  It's the "I'm so incredulous that I don't know what to do but laugh" situation.  That, and the fact that her younger sister covers her ears and looks at me panicked.
-Then my husband got home and I tagged out, he tagged in, and I was never seen again....until the next morning.  The end.

I'll leave you friends with some visuals of my older two girls' dance competition this past weekend.  No cameras were allowed, so these are before and afters.

***Just a heads up:  You can link up with my High 5 Series tomorrow...the post will be '5 things I was doing this time last year'.  Don't you love looking back (or forward) to what you're doing at different times in your life?  I do.***

The Mrs. & The Momma

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