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Blogger Interview: In Honor of Design

Happy Monday Friends!  I have a special treat for you today!

One of my favorite bloggers, for whom I have tons of admiration, has been so kind to let me pick her brain a bit and share with us some of her insights, favorites, and some fun personal tidbits.  Her blog is one of my daily reads.  She has some major design and style talent....and she just couldn't be sweeter!
1. Did you start out blogging with the purpose/mission that you embody today, or has it evolved over time?
It still has the same purpose and mission: to be my outsource of design inspiration and creativity. However, the content has definately evolved over time! I have been able to really narrow down what I love to blog about and stay consistent with a style that is true to my own. It has been a fun ride!

2.  Who are some of your
Audrey Hepburn hands down. She exemplified womanhood and grace without ever compromising her morals or dignity. For that reason she inspired so many people, and is one of the icons behind my "True Beauty Files" posts. My family is very close. I have seven sisters and three brothers! I have learned from each one of them. Each have gifts and talents that encourage and inspire me, and are a great source of support! 
3.  Besides your family, what is your biggest passion and do you have plans in the works to further cultivate that passion? (I know. That's a little deep.)
So many good questions! Luckily, art and design is something I am knee deep in on a daily basis. I feel like this is a blessing I cannot waste, so I have goals to continue this passion and make the most of it. It has allowed me to see the world through different spectacles;) I hope I can give that gift to my children by making it a part of our lives.

4.  Do you have a certain song(s) that gives you chills when you hear it?
A whole list! Just a few...Set Fire to the Rain - Adele, Fix You - Coldplay, Safe and Sound - Hunger Games Soundtrack, Steady My Heart - Kari Jobe, etc! :)

5.  What is your #1 piece of style advice for Spring/Summer?
Add pieces that are easily interchangeable to your wardrobe. Bold colors and a few fun prints will take you a long way! Mix and matching accessories can really change up a look as well:)

6.  What is your favorite color combination to wear?
Right now I am really into seafoam and turquoise! I go through phases every season;)
7.  What is your favorite punctuation mark?  (I know this is a silly one, but my husband and I just had an in depth convo about punctuation...mine is an ellipsis. :))
LOL! Love this. I think the typography junkie in me uses the ellipsis quite often, and the look of the question mark ? ;)

8.  What is your favorite, most used, or best mommy product?
Oh I have several, but the top one that come to mind is the BLANQI bodystyler since I used it throughout my pregnancies and after. Supportive, form fitting, and flattering! :)

Be sure to give Anna a visit over at In Honor Of Design (IHOD).  I especially love her simple DIYs (like this one),and her modest fashion inspiration in her series, The True Beauty Files.  You'll also find some darling pics of her little ones, to boot!

Thank you so very much, Anna, for sharing with us!

The Mrs. & The Momma

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