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Suit Up!

As we approach swimsuit season, you should already be on the lookout for your water attire.  If you haven't yet, never fear.  I gotcha covered.  Here are some great suits and cover-ups that are sure to catch that lifeguard's eye.

Or your husband's.  Either way.

I recently got #1 for our upcoming cruise.  I haven't worn a one-piece in a loooong time, but this one fits perfectly without making me feel like my upper part is being pulled down or my bottom part is being pulled up my butt.  Nice visual, huh?

1.  Modcloth  The vintage cut of the suit is both a chic throwback and provides nice coverage.
2.  Nordstroms  I just love the nautical vibe.
3.  Nordstroms  Hello Tangerine!!!
4.  Nordstroms  Leopard+neon=Hot
5.  Anthropologie  Fab color combo and ruffle detail.
6.  Macy's  I would never think to get a suit in army green, but I actually love it!
7.  Target  They have some steals right now on cover-ups...there's this chevron in turquoise as well.
8.  Macy's  I pretend that I'm going to look this chic on the sandy beaches...dreamin'.
9.  Topshop  You can't see the shorts part of this romper, but it's super cute, unique, and versatile...think sandals at the beach, wedges or heels for the evening.

In other news, I need some cruise pointers.  Anyone?  Anyone?

On the verge of being crazy stressed about packing for six people for nine days
The Mrs. & The Momma

The Mrs. & The Momma

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