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I Can't Help Myself

I just had to post a few stragglers on the Easter pics front....I couldn't help it.

Getting all four of our children to look AND smile at the camera is a monumental feat.  Can you guess which one of the four was crying mere seconds before this shot was taken?  Thanks to their goofy daddy, the frowning turned upside down(ing).

I'd love some photog tips on taking family photos.  I'm that mom that won't stop until I get just the right pic...or until some one starts crying or gets hurt.  (You can read about one of our photo sessions gone wrong here, which resulted in my eldest falling off a five foot ledge into a thorn bush...I won the Mother-of-the-Year award for that one.)  I'm severely critical when it comes to pictures.  Maybe I'll just have to keep a professional photographer on retainer.  You think I could find one to accompany us on our cruise?

Yep...I'll get right on that.

The Mrs. & The Momma

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