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It's a Sunshine Day!

Hi y'all!  This is a couple of days old news, but I wanted to wait until I got it in the mail to share.  Kendra Scott held a "Spring Sunshine" contest a few weeks back asking people to submit pictures of how they wear yellow for spring...

And guess what?
They chose my yellow outfit, and I was gifted the Sam necklace as the prize!  You can read about it here on her blog.

I have nearly zero skills in the delayed gratification department, so needless to say, I put that baby on right after I received it in the mail.  Here's how I wore it out to dinner with friends!

earrings & necklace: Kendra Scott, watch: Michael Kors, bracelets: InPink, denim: Gap,
dress, shades, & shoes: Target, belt: husband's
Of course, I paired it with my only other KenSco pieces (I think that's my new name for her...(totally joking, Kendra)), resulting in some jewelry color-blocking.  Is that such a thing?  Jewelry color-blocking?  Well, it is now.  I think next time I'll have to tie it in with a little more turquoise or yellow arm candy.

I've gushed about her jewelry here you haven't gotten your hands on any, you must.  Right. This. Second.  She designs contemporary and timeless pieces that go with everything you put on.  I especially love how wearing one of her statement pieces brings that needed pop of color to any outfit.

Here are some of my "KenSco Wish List", if you will.  (I promise I'll stop now.)

*Psst...It's not too early to be thinking Mother's Day.  Hint, hint.

The Mrs. & The Momma

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