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Spring is Just Around the Corner-Guest Blogger: SHERRIAMOUR

Around this time of year, I usually start feeling out spring-wear.  What are the key peices to incorporate in my wardrobe, how to wear them, etc.  Well, my friend Sherri is here today to let us in on her favorite must-have (must-get) for Spring fashion:

Hi y'all! I'm Sherri from SHERRIAMOUR.  Over here you'll find snippets of my personal style, inspiration, and day-to-day journaling.  Kristen is one of my sweet blogster friends I made early in our blog ventures.  And I'm so flattered to be her first guest post! 

Spring is just around the corner and I'd like to share a must-have piece for spring. 
This is not really a specific peice of clothing but pastels are a big trend for spring. 
It's cute, fresh and romantic. It's also another way to do color blocking. 
I'd say for a peice of clothing to pick yourself up would be a pair of pastel skinny jeans or a sheer top. 
{ I've been wanting to get pastel pink skinnies! }
Thanks so much for having me! Please do stop by and say hi :)

shades: grand beach
top: thrifted
heart necklace: boes
pants: joe fresh
shoes: springs

Thanks Sherri!  Be sure to go give her some blog love!

I have my eye on some yellow cropped jeans!  What about you?  How will you wear Pastels this spring?

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