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6 Tips for Stepping Up Your Style

I had a friend ask me the other day for some tips on dressing more "fashionable."  This request could have gone in various directions, but I knew what she meant.  She was wanting to add some "umph" to her style, but didn't know quite what or how.  I gave her a few suggestions, but she gave me something even better....a blog post idea!

So here's some basic tips for stepping up an outfit and/or your general "look".  You may already incorporate some (or all) of these into your daily attire...or maybe this will be new to you, but either way, we can all use wardrobe inspiration whether we know it already or not.

1.  Layering-Be creative with layers...mix textures, colors, and lengths, etc.

2. Statement Jewelry-A statement necklace or earrings can add everything to an emsemble.

3.  A Signature Style (I consider mine my blonde hair or my habitual wear of turquoise jewelry.)

4.  Pattern Mixing-Take risks in putting together several patterns in one outfit.

5.  A Chic, Colorful Everyday Bag-Especially for this Spring, brights can be used as a "neutral" and be paired with anything.

6. Belts-No explanation needed.  Just Belt It.

So pray tell, what tips do you like to incorporate into your style to step it up a notch and add that extra "umph"?

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