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For Christmas, I got a new camera lens (55mm) that I had had my eye on for a while.  I took the recommendation from this post on The Pioneer Woman.  I had hoped it would give me that extra oomph that I couldn't quite get from the kit lens.  It does...and I do love it, however, I'm thinking I might yet need another that's more multi-purpose.

I'm trying to expand my knowledge of photography and how to take better quality pictures (read: learn how to use my camera manually).  And what better subjects to have than four children and a perky dog, right?

Really, I just need practice.  I need to take photos in all different kinds of light and truly get to know my camera.  It's all about light.  I've gotten to where I abhor taking a picture with a flash.  I'm so against it, hence the desperate need for my six year old to take my outfit pics just so I could beat the sunset and have natural light.

I feel like I have a photographer deep down inside that is itching to come out.  She's just waiting for the time, energy, and....

Yeah, that's about it.  Time and Energy.

And Light.  It's all about the LIGHT.

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