Head Band

cape and sweater: LOFT, jeans: Vigoss, boots: Steve Madden
So I'm not really sure about this head band flower thingy.  I think it's darling, but I'm not gonna lie....it's my daughter's (as if you couldn't tell).

I'm going to go ahead and own this look for the time being, until I find something more age appropriate in terms of head gear.  Something with less of an adjustable band perhaps?  I do appreciate the way it transformed my "haven't washed in two days bed head" into something with which I was able to appear in public.

If you have any links and/or suggestions of a grown up version, please send them my way.  I'll give you a big love pat for it!

***Oh, by the way, my six year old daughter took these pics....promising future in photography, eh?

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