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Ode To My White Shirt

shirt: Express, skirt: Rachel Pally, belt: Arttie, shoes: Nordstroms Rack, cuff: Brighton
I've been wanting to transition my black maxi skirt into cooler weather, but hadn't had a chance....until yesterday.  I pulled out my trusty old classic white button-up. I've seriously had this shirt for at least 10 years.  No joke.

This is why it has been so good to me over the years:
-It doesn't wrinkle.
-It responds well to bleach whenever I think it's getting a little dingy.
-It's fitted enough that it does well both layered and tucked in...i.e. under sweaters and/or with high-waisted skirts without it billowing up much.
-It's not so thin (like some) that you can totally see through it.

I've come to grips with the fact that one of these days, this shirt and I will have to part.

And on that day, I will cry.

And on the next day, I will set out to find it's exact replica.


  1. What a wonderful, classy & classic look! Immaculate. I love how you mix the jewellery with the leopard detail.

    Best, Jenny

  2. This white shirt does sound perfect. I will have to go to Express to see if they still sell the perfect shirt. Or you'll have to tell me where you get your exact replica when you do :)



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