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Step-Sister Feet

I have a shoe problem.  I'm not talking about the kind where I just buy shoes because I can't help it, although I sometimes have that kind of problem, too.

This particular issue arrises as a result of four pregnancies and the effect they have had on my feet.  They've grown.  This is to my utter dismay, as some of my favorite heels are now too small.

These little suede and patent lovelies have been calling my name for a good two years now, and this past weekend, I just couldn't ignore them any longer.  So what is a girl to do but wedge her feet step-sister style into them!

top: Express, earrings: Banana Republic, broach, CAbi, skirt: NY&co, shoes: Steve Madden
I made it most of the way through church on Sunday, but then broke down and put on these to relieve my aching, blistered, and probably swollen feet.  I am not deterred, however.  I am determined to wear my beloved shoes whether my feet suffer or not.  I took one of my newly-too-small pairs of heels to get stretched, but to no avail.  I'll just have to give my poor feet some extra TLC until I can get replacements in larger sizes....

At least I have a good excuse to go shoe shopping!

Wait a minute.

One never needs an excuse to shoe shop....what was I thinking?


  1. Just saw your comment on my blog about changing your hair color....I would wait till your hair has full strength before going platinum, as a rule. But, if you were sitting in my chair and I saw that your hair was generally healthy and you weren't to concerned about losing some length, then I would probably say "GO for it"! I know how frumpy dumpy postpartum can feel so I say do what you gotta do to feel great!

  2. Lovely heels! I have a foot problem myself. It's hard for me to wear heels. But I still do :)



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