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Pinterest Tuesday

Do It Yourself (myself) inspiration...
I bet this one is harder (read: more time consuming) than it looks.  It sure is cute though...and I'm hosting Thanksgiving this year.  Hmmmm...

I love the shoe clips I've been seeing lately.  I especially love that most of the time, it looks like just part of the shoe rather than an addition.  The options and creativity are endless.

These types of jersey DIYs are rampant on Pinterest.  I like this particular one, but some I've seen don't look worth the trouble.  And I'm interested to know just how much t-shirt I need...are we talking multiple shirts?

I'm currently in the process of doing something like this in my closet.  It will make being able to see what jewelry I have to work with so much simpler.

Now this I could do.  Ahem....would do.  Simple, classic, different.  I like.

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