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As disclaimed previously, I told you that this shirt would be making frequent appearances in my wardrobe wearings.

It just needs some color.

I've had this old sheer shirt for ages that came with the perfect little sash I can use as a belt, head sash, neck tie, etc.

shirt: CAbi, shrug: Banana Republic, skirt: Pea in the Pod, belt: Express, shoes: Candies
By the way, have I mentioned I'm on a leopard print mission?

Well, I am.

Here's something to prove it.
I know...that proves nothing.

Just giving a heads up.

I'm also on a mission to get me some self-tanner.  Stat.  Like yesterday.

Apologies if the above leg pictures rendered some with lost sight, new-found sensitivity to light, and/or a gag reflex.

I'll work on the pasty legs...I promise.

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