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Happy Weekend!

dress, bag, shoes, sunglasses: Target;  jacket: Bebe
I've always said that if I had to pick one store to shop at for the rest of my life it would be Target.  Costco is a very close second.

This entire outfit I wore today is from Target except for the jacket.

Target has it all...

Groceries, cute clothes, shoes...
(Please excuse my gnarly pedicure I got only 7 days ago and is already chipping.  Grrrrrr.)

Not to mention my random necessities such as lightbulbs, a Kindle, vacuum bags, nail polish, ballet tights, yoga videos....

You name it.  They've got it.

Have you seen the Missoni stuff there?

These two things are what I have my eye on from the new line.

Well actually, both of my eyes are on them.  Staring them down.

I think I'm gonna go zigzag myself on over to Target (which is in dangerously close proximity to my house), and see what damage I can do.

I'm sure there's something I......ahem, "need".

Happy Weekend!

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