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Black and Blue All Over...(and White)

Shirt: Express, Cardi: Nordstroms Rack, skirt: Rachel Pally, necklace: Brighton, purse: Charming Charlie

Thanks to my momma for taking my pics today.  She's giving my hubs a run for his money.

Unlike a man, my mom didn't hesitate to tell me certain angles were unflattering or that my stomach was pooching, or whatever.

I appreciate her directness.  I can take those kind of critiques better from her than my husband...because the latter would go something like this:

Him - "Honey, suck in your stomach and look up so you don't have that double chin."
Me - "Ex-CUUUUUUSE Me!!!!!???????
Him - "Uh......I love you?"
Me - "Uh-huh.  That's what I thought you said."

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